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Advice given on December 1, 2021.

Gandalf the Graying

Dear Jay,

I’m a fairly young guy and I’ve just noticed my first gray hair! This is freaking me out! I’m losing my confidence and need some advice on how to remain positive, confident, and feel good about myself as I age.


Gandalf the Graying


I totally understand, but don’t stress (you’ll gray even faster). Aging isn’t necessarily a negative thing, gray hairs may be seen by some as a sign of experience. Maintain a positive attitude, it will keep you young at heart and a pleasant person to be around. If these measures do not work, you can always explore dying your hair. There are many hair color products out there, I would just encourage you to test a little bit of the product on your skin first to make sure you do not have an allergic reaction.

Stay positive!


Greasy Fingers

Dear Jay,

I have recently begun conducting maintenance on my bicycle. This has been great except for all of the grease! How can I get this bloody stuff off of my hands? Have any advice for me?

-Greasy Fingers

Hello Greasy Fingers,

I understand your dilemma and have some suggestions. I am not an expert on hand washing, however I believe the fact that the grease is oily makes it difficult to wash off of your hands. One potential solution is to prevent grease from ever getting on your hands in the first place. This is pretty simple to achieve, just wear some gloves whenever you do maintenance on your bike. If, however, you do end up with grease on your hands, there are soap products specifically designed for this purpose. These soaps typically have some sort of particulate matter or grid in them which helps get the oily grease off of your hands. Alternatively, I believe if you wash multiple times and use old hand towels to help remove the grease, the towel replaces the grit in specialty soaps. Just remember that the grease will end up on your hand towel, so it is important to use an old towel if you’re going to use this strategy.

Best of luck,