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Advice given on December 7, 2021.

How They Remind Me

Dear Jay,

I have been a closet Nickelback fan for years at this point. Why can’t everyone admit that they are an awesome band and we were wrong as a society to dislike them? Anyway, my issue is that all of my friends will casually talk trash about Nickelback whenever one of their songs is on, and skip to the next song when possible. I’ve kept my mouth shut so far but I am losing my patience, they are a good band! How can I admit to my friends that I like Nickelback? Can I convince them to enjoy the music too? Will they make fun of me? Help!



Hm, this is quite the quandary. I’ve never totally understood the societal dislike for Nickelback myself, although I’m not a die-hard fan either. You’ve posed two slightly different questions: how to admit to your friends that you like Nickelback, and how to convince them to like the band too. I definitely think you should feel comfortable doing the former. True friends may tease you a bit for your unconventional taste in music, but they will still be your friends. I’m not sure you will be able to convince them to like the music, however. It sounds like they are familiar enough with Nickelback to skip songs when they come on, so it sounds like your friends have a clear idea of who Nickelback is and what their music sounds like. So I’d probably let go of this notion that you’ll be able to turn them into fans, but definitely let your friends know that you enjoy the music.


Streaming Science

Dear Jay,

As you may or may not be aware, the American Geophysical Union’s Fall Meeting is rapidly approaching. In our brave new world, this meeting has a hybrid twist, and is requiring all talks be pre-recorded. While recording my presentation an idea occurred to me - could I stream myself working and doing science on Twitch or YouTube? Is there a market for this kind of thing? Is this a good idea? Can I become big sci-nfluencer? So that’s my idea, to stream myself writing some code, making some figures, and writing manuscripts. What do you think?



Cool idea! I say go for it. If you find the prospect of streaming yourself to be too intimidating, I would recommend at the very least uploading any talks that you have recorded to YouTube or a similar platform. This way folks who are interested in your work will have a chance to see the awesome things you do and the crystal clear presentations you are able to give.

While the only way to know if there is a market and viewers for this type of thing is by trying it out, I do like your ideas of streaming specific tasks. As a potential viewer, I would be interested in seeing how someone else makes their figures, or their process for putting together presentations. If I have some writing to do, maybe it would be motivating to write alongside a streaming-personality such as yourself. I think graphics in particular could be appealing to people, things like how to make a cool map or plot might entice people by showing them both how to make nice graphics, but also how long the process takes when you are familiar with the workflow.

It is a neat idea so I definitely think you should give it a try. I don’t know the first thing about streaming so I can’t recommend a particular platform, but I think you’ve identified the two market leaders with Twitch and Youtube.

Best of luck,