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Advice given on January 19, 2022.

Cranky Comrade

Hey Jay,

So I’ve started telling this funny joke at work now that the new year has rolled around. This joke is totally a classic, and I enjoy making it every January. Basically, when some topic, task, or activity comes up in conversation and I haven’t yet done it in January, I say something along the lines of, “hm, well I haven’t done since last year!"

Now, as I’m sure you understand, that type of comedy is both hilarious and never gets old. Well my co-worker/friend seems to disagree. He just told me to knock it off and that it is a terrible joke. What should I do? I really thought I was being hilarious.

Thank you,

Funny Guy


Well it is better to hear this criticism from a friend than your boss or just an acquaintance at the office. But yeah, I agree with your friend, the joke probably isn’t funny beyond the first or second telling each year. So I’d suggest you apologize to your friend, and limit your annual telling of this wise-crack to one or two instances per year.

Laughingly yours,