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Advice given on April 12, 2022.

What’s Cookin’?

Hey Jay,

I feel like I am eating out too often. I want to cook more at home, but have trouble finding the time and the motivation. Even when I have the time and want to cook, I often don’t know what to make. Any advice? I realize eating out all the time probably isn’t the healthiest for my wallet or for my health. Thanks!



Hey, it sounds like you want to make some smart moves and I commend you for that. I feel like this is something I’ve heard from various people over the course of my life, and so hopefully that makes you feel better about this issue you’re having. Step one to changing any undesired behavior is acknowledging it and deciding you actually want to change.

Now, how to change can pose it’s own set of challenges. You’ve pointed out that it is likely healthier for you to cook your own meals, and is financially a better move too. Remember to keep that in mind to help motivate yourself to cook. It can also help to have some recipes you enjoy eating to motivate yourself to make those meals. I suggest you try keeping your kitchen stocked with fresh groceries, so that when you look in your fridge or pantry you see ingredients you find appealing and can cook into tasty meals. Having the right foods already at home may help you want to cook.

I think choosing what to make is an incredibly personal decision. It also comes down to your individual skill in the kitchen, available ingredients, kitchenware, and the amount of time you have to prepare a given meal. Given these constraints, it might help you to start looking up various lists of recipes, maybe group them by prep time. This way, you can quickly consult your curated list when it is time to cook, and you won’t waste cooking time looking up a recipe to make. If you do your research, this list of recipes may also help guide your shopping at the grocery store, to ensure you always have some of the common items you need to make your favorite dishes. You’ll also be able to make a quick dish when pressed for time, or get involved in a longer cooking process when you have the time to spare. I wish you the best of luck!

Stay hungry,