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Advice given on April 18, 2022.

I scream

Hey Jay,

I see that you reside in Austin, TX. Very cool. I’m coming to visit Austin, and wanted to get your suggestions for ice cream places to check out. From what I can tell by looking at the weather forecasts it’s already gotten quite warm over there, and I’m looking to stay cool and enjoy some ice cream.

I Scream For Ice Cream


Hi, this is a pretty chill question indeed. The “best” ice cream in town is obviously a matter of opinion, and to be honest, I’ve yet to identify my personal favorite. However, I can name my current top 3 picks, which are Lick, Amy’s, and Jeni’s. Of the three, I believe both Lick and Amy’s were founded in Austin, while Jeni’s was started in Ohio. All worth checking out in my humble opinion!

Stay cool,


Eating on the Run

Hey Jay,

So I’ve been starting to run farther distances than I used to, and I am starting to get hungry on my runs. Do you think it’s weird to take a snack and munch as I jog? What should I take to eat and drink on my runs? Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated!

Joggin’ and gobblin’

Hi Jogger,

This is an interesting question. I can’t speak to what will work for you, but I can tell you what my strategy for re-fueling mid-run used to be. I used to plan to eat and drink for runs that were going to take longer than 1 hour. Anything less than an hour I decided was short enough that I could wait until the run was over to re-hydrate and eat. When I was going to eat on a run, I think I tried to time it out so that I was having a bite and a sip of water roughly every half an hour. This way I never had to eat or drink too much at a time, and was also getting a more consistent supply of energy.

I’d read online that because you lose a fair amount of salt when you sweat, it can be good to drink something other than pure water. To be frugal, I used to just add a little bit of salt to my water bottle to help replenish the salt I was sweating out. You could also surely get powdered mixes, or sports drinks to have during your jog. Food-wise, I used to eat raisins as they are high in sugar, inexpensive, and will keep you energized. I could also imagine some nuts would be tasty while running. There are, of course, the “goo” products often sold to endurance athletes which are designed to provide the fuel you need to continue your activity, although they are certainly more costly than the simple raisin.

Good luck out there,