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Advice given on August 24, 2022.

Thermostat Tussling

Hey Jay,

I find myself in what is likely a common predicament. I currently live with a roommate and all is going well, except we do seem to be locked in a perpetual argument over what temperature the thermostat should be set to. I prefer a slightly warmer apartment and ideally would like the temperature to be around 78 degrees in the summer and 74 in the winter. My roommate on the other hand prefers cooler temperatures and wants us to leave the thermostat at 72 degrees year round. In an attempt to compromise, I suggested we leave it at 74 in the summer and 72 in the winter, but he isn’t happy with that. What should we do?


Chill Dude


I agree that this is probably a common situation in many shared households. Your proposed compromise sounds reasonable to me, and I am somewhat surprised that your roommate did not go for it. So I guess given the fact that compromise doesn’t seem to be an option, you really have just 2 remaining choices. You can elect to keep bickering over a few degrees, or you can give in and set the thermostat to a cool 72 degrees. Depending on where you live and the outdoor temperature, this may or may not be an expensive proposition. In the winter, when the heat is on, maybe you could consider getting a small space heater to warm yourself up in your room or when you are sitting in a single location for a while. I can’t in good conscience recommend running the space heater in the summer to warm up, but I guess that’d be an option too. Alternatively, you could try to compromise again with your roommate and suggest they purchase a fan to help keep themselves more comfortable. Ultimately you need to decide how important this argument is, and whether or not it is worth the effort needed to have these conversations and seek alternative solutions.

Good luck,