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Advice given on September 25, 2022.

Screen-less Windows

Hey Jay,

I’ve recently moved into a studio apartment and realized that my window does not have a screen. As it is a studio, I would like to be able to open the window so I can air out the smells of life (as I only have one room), and get some fresh air. However, when I opened my window the other day, I noticed a few bugs flying around inside later that evening. I feel like this is something I should have noticed before signing my lease, but now it’s too late. What can I do to avoid being stuck in either a stuffy, or bug-filled apartment?


Stuffy Studio


I understand your predicament, I have lived in several studio apartments in my day, and have lived in a number of different apartments that lacked screens on windows and doors too. Why don’t apartment complexes install screens as a matter of standard practice? I have no idea. But, fortunately for you, I do have some suggestions. Obviously the least helpful suggestions are those you have already proposed; endure stuffiness, or open the windows and be one with nature. A more useful idea, is for you to look up DIY screen installation tips online. There are a number of different solutions ranging from screens you can nail into the frame, to those you affix with tape, to some with magnets. What is most effective for your situation is going to depend on the type of window and frame you have, how long you intend to live in this apartment (and thus how permanent of a solution you want), and how much you are willing to spend. Since you are in a studio and only mentioned window in the singular, I suspect you only have one window. Therefore, I believe you can get a pretty good solution for a reasonable price (less than $50, I’d imagine). So hopefully that monetary cost and the bit of time it’ll take to install will be worth the fresh air and peace of mind you’ll gain.

Good luck,