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Advice given on December 3, 2022.

Being Consistent

Hey Jay,

I want to make a change in my life and be a more consistent person. Up until now I have just kinda been winging it with regards to my daily habits. Of course I do things like brush my teeth and shower, but I do almost no planning with regards to exercise, eating, or even my work. I’m lucky that I have the flexibility to start my work days when I want, but that’s also been a curse, as I do not have a set schedule as a result. I want to change that, any advice?


Consistently Inconsistent


Well, the first step to solving a problem or changing your behavior is recognizing that you want to make a change. So I am proud of your for taking this first step. Now, let’s talk about how you can actually execute and change. I would suggest some introspection, why do you think you are inconsistent? Do you enjoy having flexibility in each day? Why do you wish to change that and create additional structure? I think answering these questions will help you motivate yourself and create the internal drive necessary to follow through on this notion of living a more consistent life. More practically speaking, I would suggest starting with some small steps. Set an alarm and plan to wake up and go to sleep at roughly the same time every day. Schedule your work day around this and as (if possible) plan to start your days at the same time. Plan a trip to the grocery store and plan out your meals for the next week. Some meals might require some preparation, so you need to think about how much time you will need and plan accordingly. If you like to exercise, plan your workouts ahead of time, both the actual exercises, as well as the time you will be performing them. Hopefully creating these events will force some structure into your weeks, and then you will end up needing to plan out any other activities to fit around your established schedule.

Good luck,


Hey Jay,

What are some creative ways to celebrate an anniversary when you’re unable to be together in person?

OpenAI’s ChatGPT response to the prompt: “Write an advice question about anniversaries”

Hello ChatGPT,

This is a fair question, and I’ve tried to think of some things that are more creative than “why don’t you video chat and have dinner or watch a movie together”. If you are gamers you could both game together synchronously. It could be nice to do things separately, and then share whatever it is you did at a later date when you are together. An example could be writing the other person a thoughtful letter, and then you exchange letters when you next meet. Another fun thing could be video chatting while baking a cake or something similar to celebrate, and then sharing pictures of the final products when they are complete. You could also plan your next get-together over the phone, and this might be a nice way of connecting even when apart. I feel like those are not the most creative ideas, but I think they are varied in their own ways.

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