Delta Metrics

DeltaMetrics is a Python package actively under development that aims to provide an analysis toolbox for studying river deltas. While DeltaMetrics is being developed with pyDeltaRCM in mind, it is meant to be a general purpose tool that can be applied to experimental as well as remotely sensed data. We gave a presentation introducing both pyDeltaRCM and DeltaMetrics at a UTIG Discussion Hour in April 2021, you can watch a recording here.

Data cube, slicing the cube, and creating a stratigraphic cube
Schematic of the DeltaMetrics data cube (top), slicing the cube (middle), and a preserved stratigraphic cube (bottom). Graphic courtesy of Andrew Moodie.

The project is still very much in an experimental stage, but the evolving documentation and source code are open-source and available. Like all open-source projects we welcome anyone that is interested to develop something new and contribute to the project!