Modernizing DeltaRCM

pyDeltaRCM is a documented, tested, and modular version of the popular DeltaRCM model [1, 2]. pyDeltaRCM is currently under development, but greatly speeds up the reduced-complexity approach to river delta modeling established in the original DeltaRCM. This speed-up is made possible through the use of “jitted” methods. pyDeltaRCM also enables reproducibility with methods to record and maintain the random-seed used for a given model. Furthermore, the use of Python makes this new model open-source and accessible. Splitting the model into different components in an object-oriented framework makes the model makes customization easy via subclasses and hooks.

For more about this project, refer to the documentation or the source code itself. pyDeltaRCM is an open-source project and we welcome any new developers and contributors to this effort. Currently the project is being developed by Andrew Moodie, Eric Barefoot, and me.