As a hobby, I’ve made plenty of crochet pieces. Below are some of the bigger things I’ve made, but I’ve also crocheted countless hats, scarves, and finger-less gloves.

First Throw
A random combination of colors in 4 big squares combined into a single throw.


Ugly Sweater
An ugly sweater which won me our 2016 office holiday party ugly sweater contest.


Small Square Throw
Color coordinated set of small squares put together into a throw. Photo taken draped over a chair.


Less Ugly Sweater
Less ugly sweater.


Zig-Zag Throw
Zig-zag patterned throw, slowly completed over the course of a decade.


Pair of slippers, labeled L and R to help the wearer put them on the correct foot!


Section logo courtesy of the craft chop, a website that offers license-free SVG images.

I’ll happily create custom crochet pieces upon request. To commission a piece, please send an email to