Particle Simulation with dorado

Particles moving step-wise
Particles moving in ‘step-like’ iterations through a stream.

dorado is an open-source Python package developed for the purpose of simulating passive particle transport in landscape-scale systems. The software was written to be flexible and compatible with outputs from any shallow-water hydrodynamic model.

To learn more about the background behind the method, how to install the package, and how to use it, please refer to the project’s documentation. If you wish to look at the code directly, the source code is available at our GitHub repository. Current developers of dorado include Kyle Wright and myself.

Particles moving in-sync temporally
Particles moving synchronously in time during fluctuating tides.


Hariharan, J., Wright, K., & Passalacqua, P. (2020). dorado: A Python package for simulating passive particle transport in shallow-water flows. Journal of Open Source Software, 5(54), 2585.